About Atom AMPD

Atom AMPD is an innovative technology company with a global presence, headquartered in the Chicago suburb of Lake Zurich, Illinois. The company was formed in 2010. Our Disruptive Technology provides one platform and one interface for all network security and voice communications needs. With over 5 million users, our technology is deployed on 5 continents offering improved operational efficiency and ease of use from a single vendor. Atom AMPD customers quickly experience significant cost savings while enjoying simplified infrastructure and operations management and eliminating reliance on costly and dated ala-carte solutions.

Recently, Atom AMPD and Dell Computers have announced an agreement to bundle the AtomOS software with Dell Edge Gateways and Embedded Box PCs.

About Our Technology

Our unique core technology, AtomOS, was first developed in 2005 by our company. AtomOS is an open-source based operating system, featuring simple installation, ease of use and administration which scales from small to enterprise levels. The voice platform utilized by AtomOS is based upon Asterisk, which is an open-source framework for building communications applications. Today, there are more than one million Asterisk-based communications systems in use, in more than 170 countries. Asterisk is used by almost the entire Fortune 1000 list of customers.

Functionality and Features

Atom AMPD also markets AtomOS as an all-in-one UCaaS solution (Unified Communications As A Service) under the brand name VoIP Defender (www.voipdefender.com). AtomOS is an ALL-INCLUSIVE system, providing VoIP Telephony with Unified Communications, Firewall, SPAM Filter, Anti-Virus, VPN, Captive Portal, Content Filtering, Load Balancing, Wireless Networking, Quality of Service (QoS), Web Caching, Bandwidth Monitoring, Virtual Private Networking (VPN), Redundancy and Remote Management. Atom AMPD deployments may be offered to include unlimited local and long distance voice services.

The complete communications, networking, and security solution can operate on a single appliance or can be networked over multiple locations. The solution is available as a premise-based, cloud-based or mixed offering. There are a multitude of calling features which easily integrate with existing computers and technology. Voice and data traffic has been engineered to be integrated into one secure and optimized networking system, thereby eliminating voice and network incompatibilities. Voice and data communications are stable, reliable and secure, ensuring few business interruptions.

The system has a small hardware footprint – using 1 or 2 boxes instead of 5 to 10. The system is designed, deployed and supported by a single vendor, so there is no more finger pointing. The system is extremely flexible, so customers can enable functionality as they require. Customers receive automatic free system upgrades.

The AtomOS administrative user interface (UI) is an easy to use web-based configuration and service provisioning management system. This single interface is used to manage all configuration settings for the system - including the communication services, the network services, routing and other functions. Access to the system can be performed remotely, with secure login access for administrators of the system. End users of the system can easily make changes using the TUI (telephone user interface). Peripherals are easily interfaced with the system, including headsets, cordless handsets and WiFi hotspots. Redundant options are available including the unique ability to deploy automatic 3G, 4G or 5G failover in the event of a service failure from the internet service provider.

Customer Segments

Atom AMPD’s customers span a multitude of industries, including healthcare, real estate, restaurant, retail, franchise, municipal, fire department, technology, education, hospitality, and sporting federations. The flexibility and scalability built-in to AtomOS enables users to easily configure for the needs of a specific customer sector and their infrastructure requirements.

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