Savings Up to 70%

The AtomOS® enabled network and communications platform combines high quality technology capabilities that can decrease your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) up to 70%.

Savings benefits include:

Replace Costly Multi-Box Solutions

Your current IT infrastructure is likely requiring multiple boxes for supporting firewalls, content filters, routing and VoIP applications; each requiring individual training, maintenance, and ongoing licensing fees. AtomOS provides just one platform, one interface, one operating system. It brings to bear the BEST practices via a convergent technology. All modules are tied together by our proprietary user interface.

Simplified Network Administration

Supporting multiple boxes in the IT infrastructure is inefficient and time consuming. It requires individual administration, configuration and training. AtomOS provides one platform, one interface, one operating system; all tied together via our proprietary user interface.

Simple Installation

Installation of AtomOS is easy. Simply insert the Kwick Key into an Internet-connected server, access the web interface, configure the Features and you’re done. All you need is a Kwick Key, your PC with at least one Ethernet connection, a server quality PC with at least one USB port and two Ethernet ports, and highspeed access to the Internet.

Eliminate Ongoing License Fees

Are you tired of dealing with the expense and administration of annual licensing fees? The AtomOS Kwick Key offers an economical 2 year term that includes all updates. After 2 years the software is yours with no additional licensing fees. You can continue to get updates after 2 years for a nominal fee.

Repurpose Existing Servers

Do you have a used server available? Perhaps one that has been recently decommissioned? The AtomOS Kwick Key allows you to repurpose that existing equipment. The Kwick Key can be used on many current generation servers, saving money and time. Minimum requirements are 1.33GHz CPU, 80-100 GB hard drive, 2GB memory and 2 Ethernet connections/NIC cards.

Responsive Support

Time is money. Help Desk Services are available to address technical issues.

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