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Delivery of AtomOS® to your network is simple, convenient and affordable. It can be delivered and installed to your device via usb drive or CD.

Using a USB flash drive or CD loaded with the AtomOS provides a simple installation process. Re-purposing existing equipment becomes affordable with minimal effort.

When using a USB drive or CD, simply insert it into an Internet connected device, power it on, access the web interface via any browser, configure the features you need, and you're done. The device has been transformed into a versatile multi-functional networking and communication tool.

AtomOS is an operating system that provides functionality and applications combined into our proprietary package. You do not need to buy an additional operating system. Once installed, setup, and configured, essential files can be copied and saved providing portability in the event of an equipment failure. Configurations can also be saved remotely and provide for easy recovery. Your data is safe.



AtomOS saves money and time. Installation is complete within 15 minutes, whereupon you have a flexible, highly integrated multifunctional solution for your advanced network and communication needs.

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